4 Tips To Guarantee Your Home Sells The Second Time


4 Tips To Guarantee Your Home
Sells The Second Time


If your listing has expired and you took your home off the market, it’s time to re-group and re-energize.  Here are 4 proven tips to get you back on the path to home-selling success: 


  1. Re-Evaluate The Price.  A price that’s too high may have kept buyers and other real estate agents away because they didn’t want to waste their time. To set the “right” price, you and a more knowledgeable REALTOR® need to review current market conditions, the competition, and the condition of your home.  Ask another REALTOR® for a new market analysis of comparable homes that are on the market or have sold in the past six months.  How long did it take for those homes to be sold?  Compare the listing prices to the sales prices.  You can also look at other homes whose listings have expired to see what issues they may have had. 


  1. Take Another Look At Your Home’s Condition.  Emotions aside, does your home really look good enough to make a buyer go WOW – or is there more you can do?  Review the feedback you received on the house.  Do you see words like “dated” or “cluttered”?  You don’t need to completely remodel…an experienced REALTOR® will know several easy and inexpensive things you can do to make your home more attractive to buyers.  Have you “staged” your home enough by removing your personal items so potential buyers can envision themselves living there?  It’s hard to live in a de-personalized home and show it, but you have to remind yourself that it will be worth it in the end.  Remember, the next prospect who walks into your home may be the right buyer who makes the offer you are looking for!


  1. Re-Invigorate Your Marketing Plan.  Your home may literally be amazing, but not enough people know about it.  Flyers and Open Houses aren’t enough. Your REALTOR® needs to pump up the marketing plan with innovative, non-traditional approaches that will get your home noticed by as many potential buyers as possible.  For example, do the pictures you’ve posted on the Internet really show your home to its best advantage?  And does your home get seen by as many potential buyers as possible?  A skilled REALTOR® knows how to show your home’s greatest features and how to get more exposure for your home.  Well connected agents will even know how to  get the attention of other REALTORS® who are already working with out-of-town buyers that can be hard to reach.


  1. Consider Hiring a Home Marketing Expert, Not just A REALTOR®.  If your real estate agent has not met your expectations and has run out of ideas to help you sell your home, it may be time to hire a new one.  Not all real estate agents are the same!  Interview several REALTORS® and use what you’ve learned from your recent experience to help you ask relevant questions and get the answers you are looking for.  Perhaps you need someone with a more cutting-edge approach to selling your home. 

    A Home Marketing Expert understands your needs and priorities, is a good communicator, and is a master of the best strategies to sell homes fast and for the most money possible…


Text Box: What Exactly Can A Home Marketing Expert Do For Me? If your home didn’t sell the first time…it’s not your fault! Many homeowners selected the wrong person because they didn’t know about a more effective type of real estate agent…

An experienced Home Marketing Expert can net you more money and save you time with selling your home by:

  • Assisting you in pricing your home… so it sells for the most money possible, and you have more for your next home.
  • Providing you exposure by marketing your property to other real estate agents and the public, through the official MLS… so it sells in less time, and you can move on.  Homes that sell fast sell for the most money!
  • Screening buyer calls, showing buyers your property, and negotiating… so you don’t have to constantly be available, and know things are done correctly to sell your home.
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